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Home cleaning for allergy sufferers

It is possible to reduce allergens in the home by keeping it clean, but some cleaning products can actually cause allergy-like symptoms.

People with allergies should make house chores part of their allergy management plans. Cleaning reduces the number of allergens (substances you are allergic to) in your home, which can help alleviate your allergy symptoms. However, even the act of cleaning can trigger an allergic reaction as it can stir up dust and other allergens into the air.

Help reduce your allergies with a professional clean
Help reduce your allergies with a professional clean

Eliminating allergens

Although we cannot completely eliminate allergens in your home, regular cleaning by a professional can help reduce symptoms for allergy sufferers by reducing indoor allergens such as moulds, pollen and pet dander.

Regular cleaning products or professional?

Cleaning products themselves can act as an irritant and cause the same symptoms as an allergy which is why over the counter products should be avoided as they are usually heavily scented to give the impression of a clean space. At Addison Cleaning we only use professional grade products which are safe for the environment and made from sustainable sources. Professional products are mildly scented, and are therefore less likely to act as an irritant in your home or office.

Happy cleaning!

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