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The importance of trained, insured and background-checked cleaners

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Ever wondered why some cleaning companies charge more for their services than others? How can a seemingly simple service vary so much in cost? Well, here is a breakdown of why this is the case.

Shopping online for a cleaner
Shopping online for a cleaner

Getting a professional to clean your home or business

At Addison Cleaning we have a four-step cleaning process in place which ensures a thorough and comprehensive clean of any premise. All our staff are trained to follow these steps to ensure they spend their time in the most efficient manner whilst cleaning your place. From a safety perspective we ensure all staff are trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), storage, handling, and appropriate use of chemicals and equipment, as well as working around our clients to minimise any disturbance caused by a clean. All our staff are comprehensibly trained, but even then, we ask them to use their common sense and that if ever they are still unsure of something to ask us before proceeding. The same rules apply whether it is a weekly clean, a one-off clean, a commercial property or an Airbnb/VRBO.

Fully Trained Professional Cleaner
Fully Trained Professional Cleaner

Things can break!

Even after all the training in the world and an individual cleaner’s attention to detail, the law of averages means that at some point an accident could occur. We always ask clients that if an item really is invaluable to put away in a safe location whilst our cleaners are working. However, we do have insurance in place for claims that a client needs to make, subject to an excess. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cleaning companies who do not have insurance to cut down on costs – that’s fine as it is not a requirement to have insurance, until of course one needs to make a claim. So, for peace of mind it is worth considering using a company which has the insurance in place.


Would you let a stranger have free reign in your home or office?

All our cleaners have passed a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) background check to help us make safer recruitment decisions and ensure they are fit to work with us. When going through this process we can see what, if any, criminal background a person has, and this can help contribute to whether or not a person is able to join Addison Cleaning. By including a DBS check in our recruitment process, we can confidently employ people to work in your home or business without concern. This is an added cost, but one we believe is worth making and hope others will too.

Background checks completed
Background checks completed

On top of this, there are other costs that good cleaning companies carry. This list is not comprehensive, but should give you an appreciation of the costs involved:

- Paying a living wage as opposed to minimum wage, and performance bonuses

- Mileage costs for cleaners

- Making payments correctly rather than cash-in-hand

- Employment costs: advertising, interviewing, hiring, training, holidays, sick, pensions, taxes, supporting employees with personal issues

- Backoffice costs

- Uniforms provided to staff

- Laundering of cloths (we use a lot!) and maintenance of equipment

These are just some of the costs picked up by reputable cleaning companies to ensure that you get a comprehensive service every time.

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