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Bedford cleaning services

Airbnb turnover clean/Addison Cleaning Solutions

Efficient and reliable cleaning services tailored for Airbnb owners. Our meticulous approach ensures pristine spaces for every guest arrival. Professional teams handle turnover swiftly, maintaining high standards and earning rave reviews. Trust us to manage the cleaning hassle, leaving you free to focus on hosting and great guest experiences.

Commercial cleaning/Addison Cleaning Solutions

Streamlined and comprehensive cleaning services designed for commercial properties. Our dedicated teams ensure immaculate workspaces, promoting a pristine environment for clients and employees. Tailored solutions cover a range of needs, guaranteeing a professional and inviting space that reflects your business's high standards and care for hygiene.

Home cleaning/Addison Cleaning Solutions

Transforming homes into sanctuaries, our cleaning services promise meticulous attention to detail. We offer personalized cleaning plans to suit your lifestyle, ensuring a spotless and organized space. Trust our dedicated professionals to bring freshness and comfort, giving you more time to enjoy your home without the stress of cleaning.

Why choose Addison Cleaning Solutions?




At Addison Cleaning Solutions, we know that reliability is key. That's why we don't leave you guessing when your next clean will be. We'll confirm your regular cleaning schedule by email or call. And if you ever need to reschedule, just give our office a call and we'll work with you to make it happen.

We also believe that happy employees make for better cleaning. That's why we encourage our staff to spend time with their loved ones and take their holidays during school breaks. But don't worry, we won't let that impact your cleaning schedule. Our trainers and managers are always on hand to cover any absences and ensure that your home or business is spotless, every time. As part of looking after our staff we provide a living wage to ensure a fair outcome for everyone.

For the majority of our cleans we will ensure that you receive your regular cleaner(s), so whether its your Airbnb clean, profesional residential clean, office clean, or any other type of clean, our professional cleaners will ensure a fantastic finish.



At Addison Cleaning Solutions, we take your safety and security seriously. Our staff are conscientious and proactive, and we have an extensive keyholder agreement to ensure that your keys are always secure. When you entrust us with your keys, you can rest assured that they're in good hands. They're given to your cleaners during our morning meeting and returned on the same day. We keep them locked in a secure location with only the directors and office manager having access.

We also recommend giving our cleaners their own alarm code, so you can be sure that it's us entering your home or business. This code is kept separately from your keys in an encrypted file for added security.

Rest assured, we extensively check our cleaners (DBS checked cleaners) and have systems in place to minimize any risks. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, Addison Cleaning is fully insured for each clean we do. If you have any items that are completely irreplaceable, we suggest putting them away while our team of professional cleaners work their magic.



We provide a high quality, premium cleaning service and everything that comes with that.

At Addison Cleaning Solutions, we provide a premium cleaning service as we believe in delivering only the highest quality cleaning services. That's why we only use environmentally friendly products that are safe for you and your family. Of course, if you prefer us to use a specific product, just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate your request. We value feedback from our customers and use it to continuously improve our services.

We ensure that every member of our staff is fully trained to meet our high standards. From cross contamination to hand hygiene and fire safety, our staff must pass a theory test to ensure they understand every aspect of their job. We invest in our staff and provide ongoing support to ensure they are proficient in their role. The result is excellent quality cleaning and a happy, motivated workforce that genuinely wants to do their best in your home or business.

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