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Got a few questions?

Can you look after my Airbnb?

Yes, of course! We will provide a professional clean, staging and laundry service after each guests departure, as well as providing before and after pictures. We will help youm aintain the property and keep you updated on any issues in order to keep the property in tip-top condition.


How do I book my cleaning?

You can fill in our contact form, email or call us. For your first clean we will need to visit you to determine what you want cleaned (and what you do not want cleaned), what level of cleaning you want (deep clean, regular clean or a light touch).

Note: our regular clean is very comprehensive and we recommend this for your first few cleans as it helps our cleaners become better accustomed to your home or office, and gives you the opportunity to decide if a deep clean is required.


What is included in a regular cleaning?

What is included in a deep clean?

A deep clean will include everything in the regular clean, but it will be more intensive and time consuming as we will look to remove any ground in dirt, spillages and stains and may require movement of furniture to get to hard to reach areas to ensure a thorough clean. A deep clean may also require walls to washed, radiators to be cleaned from behind, removal of books to dust/clean bookshelves and emptying and washing out bins.

Do you use different cloths for different areas?

Yes – we use a colour coded cloth system so your toilet, bathroom, kitchen and general dusting will all be done with different cloths which go into our dirty bag and are taken away.

Do I get the same cleaner?

Normally your cleaners will work in pairs and this being the case it means even if one of your cleaners is on holiday you will always get someone that knows your house. In rare situations, the only way we can guarantee to deliver your clean at the agreed time is to swap to other members of the team.

Am I signed into a contract?

We always work within a contract so both parties are protected but we are so confident that you will love our services that we make it a one week rolling contract that you can cancel at any point.

Do you have insurance?

Addison Cleaning Solutions is fully insured. Many companies and individual cleaners, unfortunately do not carry liability insurance. Hiring a company that is fully insured adds slightly to the cost, but the insurance coverage protects you and your belongings.

Will you hold my keys?

This is completely up to you. If we do hold your keys they are kept secure and are kept separate to your address and personal details.

How do I pay for my cleaner?

The easiest and safest way to pay for your services is via Standing Order or online transfer from your phone or computer using the following details:

Account name: Addison Cleaning Solutions

Bank: Co-operative Bank

Account number: 62034690

Sort code: 08-92-50

Other companies are cheaper, why choose you?

Can you clean my oven and extractor?

The home cleaning industry is entirely unregulated, we choose to ensure our cleaners work to best standards. Additionally, we are members of the Federation of Small Businesses with whom we consult to follow best practice, as well as other reputable bodies. We choose to give our staff/contractors fair contracts, rights, and a living wage, not minimum wage. And we are fully insured for every job we do. Unfortunately, not every company follows best practice, or has these safeguards in place and you may not find out until it goes wrong.

We don't offer oven cleans as these alone can take 2-3 hours to make them immaculate. We suggest using a specialist oven cleaning company.

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