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At Addison Cleaning Solutions, we offer quality home and office cleaning services as well as Airbnb and VRBO. Whether it is a spring clean or a full  disinfection and sanitisation of your space, we can provide these services at a time suitable to you. Serving Bedford and surrounding areas, we make sure you get the highest professional standards of work. Schedule an appointment or get in touch for an estimate.

We use high quality, environmentally friendly products which give you a professional clean and are safe for our staff.

From the surface areas to the cupboards and even the various appliances, a comprehensive cleaning of your kitchen is of utmost importance. Over time, food particles, germs, and bacteria tend to accumulate, leading to an unhygienic environment within your workspace. Ensuring a pristine and thoroughly clean kitchen is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe culinary space. Our dedicated cleaning service is poised to provide a meticulous and sparkling transformation for your kitchen, promising the highest standard of cleanliness.

A professionally cleaned kitchen. Clean and sparkling./Addison_Cleaning_Solutions

Covering everything from the gleaming tiles to the porcelain sink, bathtub, and toilet, maintaining a thoroughly clean bathroom stands as a cornerstone of a healthy and inviting home. The unique environment of a bathroom fosters the accumulation of soap scum, mold, mildew, and an array of germs, emphasizing the vital need for regular, diligent cleaning practices.

Airbnb turnover cleaned bathroom. Clean and sanitised./Addison_Cleaning_Solutions

In a bathroom, the challenges lie in combatting the growth of mold and mildew, which not only mar the visual appeal but also pose potential health hazards. The buildup of soap scum and mineral deposits on shower walls and glass can dim their appearance, creating an unwelcoming ambiance.

​Our specialized cleaning service covers the intricacies of bathroom sanitation and excels in addressing these concerns. We take pride in executing a comprehensive and precise cleaning approach, assuring a bathroom that exudes cleanliness. Bid farewell to unsightly stains, persistent grime, and the lurking threat of harmful bacteria. With our expertise, your bathroom will transform into an immaculate haven of hygiene and comfort.

Spanning from the elegant upholstery to the ornate decor and polished flooring, maintaining a pristine living room is pivotal for a welcoming and harmonious home ambiance. Living rooms, as the heart of a household, face their own set of cleanliness challenges. Dust settles on furniture, carpets collect debris, and surfaces accumulate dirt, demanding consistent attention to preserve a clean and inviting space.

Airbnb lounge cleaned/Addison_Cleaning_Solutions

In these spaces, the challenge lies in addressing the accumulation of dust, the gradual buildup of dirt on surfaces, and the continual maintenance of fabric surfaces to keep them fresh and inviting.​

Our specialized cleaning service is adept at understanding the intricacies of living room cleanliness. We take pride in executing a meticulous cleaning regimen that rejuvenates your living space. Say goodbye to persistent dust, unsightly marks, and the challenge of maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. With our expertise, your living room will radiate cleanliness, comfort, and an inviting warmth, creating a space you can truly unwind in.


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