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Is your cleaner cutting corners?

There are many reasons why a cleaner may not be doing what they're supposed to as well as misconceptions of what was agreed. This article will help you become beter informed and get a clearer picture of what is really going on.

So, what does it mean when we say a cleaner "cuts corners?" This could include skipping certain tasks, using subpar cleaning products, rushing through jobs, or neglecting areas that require attention.

If a cleaner is cutting corners it inevitably impacts the cleanliness and hygeine of the space being cleaned. Germs and allergens can easily spread leading to bad health and potentially days away from doing what you love. A space can also look worse if it is not cleaned properly, and in a business setting this can drive customers away or end up receiving a bad review which may reflect poorly on the reputation of the business.

Longer term consequences of corner-cutting could include increased maintenance costs due to neglect, potential damage to surfaces or materials from improper cleaning methods, and even legal repercussions in certain industries where cleanliness standards are regulated.

It is important to agree with a cleaner exactly what is required. A professional cleaner will appreciate this and some my have a programme in place which implements quality assurance measures to ensure that cleaning standards are consistently met through regular inspections, and feedback mechanisms from clients.

Investing in Professional Cleaning Services: a professional cleaning service will prioritise quality and reliability. In fact, the number one reason for changing a cleaning company is because a cleaner is unreliable - turning up is the highest priority, and then getting the job done to the agreed standard follows. At Addison Cleaning we have a 4-step cleaning process which is easy to follow and implement in each clean. And we only use professional grade materials meaning the work is easier for the cleaner and the client gets a better finish to their space.

Now, looking at it from a cleaner's perspective; they may feel as if they are being asked to clean to areas which are not on the schedule. Good cleaners will happily accomodate an additional room to help out, if for example a clean up is a required after a party from the weekend, but if it becomes a regular occurance then it becomes a case of doing more than agreed and it is best to reevaluate the schedule and agree a new one.

Cleaners are humans, too, and like the rest of us they have thier nuances and individual qualities. Everyone can have an off-day, which is why a great company is always there for their cleaners to help them be their best and not suffer from burnout. Employee wellness and customer satisfaction are the number one priority for Addison Cleaning.  

If you need to assess your current cleaning arrangements contact us today and take the next steps to meeting your new cleaner who will ensure that tyour spaces are being properly cleaned and maintained.

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