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7 Places you probably need to clean

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

The tops of cabinets and wardrobes

If you're not very tall, it's common to overlook high places, but it doesn't mean that they're not there and covered in dust and grime. To get rid of these unsightly particles, wipe them down with a cleaning agent and a microfiber towel.

Clean cabinet remove dust/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Clean cabinet

Skirting boards

On the opposite end of the scale are the skirting boards. Dust can accumulate here and then become ground in if not dusted on a regular basis, making it harder to remove. If a duster doesn’t remove the dust, then you may need to get down on your hands and knees and use an all-purpose cleaner and either a microfiber or disposable cloth.

Skirting boards have been dusted and wiped/Clean cabinet remove dust/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Skirting boards

In-between areas

Depending on the layout of your furniture you could have areas which are visible to the eye, and yet not quite easy to get to easily to clean off the accumulating dust. A long, thin duster should help you pull the dust out.

Spaces between furniture, floor, walls and other furniture needing a clean/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Spaces between furniture, floor, walls and other furniture


The space between a radiator and a wall is a safe haven for dust and hair to pile up over time, becoming thick in places. In some cases, it has been years since this was last cleaned and it might be a good idea to wear a mask when removing this built-up dirt as micro particles are easily inhaled.

A clean radiator/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Radiator looking clean


They’re a great idea and help keep liquid stains off of your table. However, coasters need to be cleaned too, as otherwise they can become sticky and discoloured, too.

Coaster kept clean/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Coaster with coffee

Doors and doorframes

The space between a door and its frame is another area where dust can easily accumulate, and it becomes visible as a blackish line/deposit on the doorframe and the edge of the door itself. A quick wipe down or dust on a regular basis will alleviate this.

Door, handle and frame are clean and free from dust and splatter/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Door, handle and frame are clean and free from dust and splatter

Wiring and chairs

The amount of wiring we have in our homes and offices nowadays is astounding. It usually is left to someone else to clean these often-ignored areas as it can be quite fiddley to do and time consuming to do it properly. Also, the base on swivel chairs, like the ones found in most offices up and down the UK, are a haven for dust to accumulate. A simple wipe down will get rid of the unsightly dust.

Cleaned office wiring and chairs/Addison Cleaning Solutions
Cleaned office wiring and chairs

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